1800 21st Street Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95811


M-Sa 11AM - 6PM
Sun 11AM - 5PM


$45 for renewal
$55 for new patient
Cash or Card accepted

What to Bring

Medical Records
Valid Photo ID


Do I need and appointment?

  • We do walk-ins, and appointments. The best time to walk in is after 2pm, and we stop accepting walk-ins after 5:30pm, and 4:30pm on Sundays.

What do I need to bring for my evaluation?

  • For your evaluation bring a valid California ID, your old recommendation or medical records for new patients.

Can I renew if it is expired?

  • As long as you've had a recommendation before we can do a renewal no matter if it is expire or from another doctor.

Can I renew if it is from another Doctor?

  • We can renew from other doctors, as long as you've had one before.

What if my driver's license is expired?

  • Bring in documentation from the DMV that you are getting a new license, and we can still see you. However, it is up to the discretion of the dispensary to let you in with an invalid ID. You can bring in your new license when you receive it, and we will print you an updated recommendation, no cost.

What if my license is from out of state?

  • If you can provide proof of California residence you can still be evaluated. Examples of proof of residency are: a utility bill, paycheck or pay stub, hunting license, affidavit from a homeless shelter, conceal carry license, residential lease, IRS check, student ID, or bank statement.

How long is the recommendation good for?

  • The recommendation is valid for a year.

Will my recommendation be verifiable 24/7?

  • Yes, you can be verified on our online verification system 24/7 or by phone during our normal business hours if necessary.

If I qualify do I get the recommendation the same day?

  • Yes, once you have been evaluated and approved you will receive a medical marijuana recommendation certificate. You will be able to use this certificate the same day.

What is a medical record?

  • Examples of acceptable medical records for first time patients are:
    Comprehensive baseline history or a physical report, diagnostic test results, consult reports, progress notes, medication records, problem list, allergy documentation, telephone/communication log, immunization records, preventive health screening records, inpatient/ER discharge summary reports, or operative reports.

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